InSite - Monitoring and evaluation of innovative demonstration buildings

Energy Efficiency & Operational Optimization Energy Audit & Energy Management

Project partner

  • AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies
  • Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture (IFZ)

Project description

In the "City of the Future" and "Smart City Initiative" programmes, a large number of demonstration projects have been implemented and scientifically monitored in recent years. During the respective programme period, a large number of highly innovative implementations with different solution approaches and usage categories have emerged in Austria.

The aim of the InSite project is to standardise data collection, evaluation and assessment in order to accelerate the market launch of the respective innovations. To this end, 10 selected demonstration projects will be analysed over 24 months as part of an energy, ecological and social monitoring process and the interpreted results will be made publicly available.

A two-stage monitoring concept is being developed in the project as the basis for the comparative evaluation of the 10 demonstration objects. The first layer is a basic evaluation matrix suitable for a wide range of applications. This should primarily contain and represent those energy and ecological parameters that can be collected in the same way for the majority of the demonstration properties (e.g. specific heating demand, flexibility potential, comfort) and thus enable simple comparability. The second layer deals with selective in-depth measurements and analyses, e.g. in order to be able to evaluate key innovations in greater detail.

In addition to the monitoring of energy and ecological parameters, social science surveys of relevant stakeholder groups are also carried out. In addition to user surveys on comfort, practitioner groups (planners, architects, etc.) are also surveyed.

The data collected provides the basis for the ongoing evaluation and presentation of the results of the energy, ecological and social performance of the properties. The findings and recommendations for action are published in a publicised study and also uploaded to the InSite platform at regular intervals. This platform is being developed and implemented as a web-based, interactive presentation of the monitoring data in the project.