Evaluation of effect and Development of proposals for the revision of the “Right to Plug” in the Condominium Law amendment 2022

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Project partners

Project description

The expansion of e-charging infrastructure is one of the most important levers for driving the mobility transition forward. The introduction of a "Right to Plug" section in the Condominium Law amendment 2022 plays an essential role in the development of Non-publicly accessible e-charging stations in residential buildings.

Project goals and solution approaches

Evaluating the way the Condominium Law amendment 2022 affects the installation of e-charging stations in existing residential buildings. The aim is to identify potentially different effects depending on the type (individual or common facilities) and charging capacity of the e-charging station.

Examining whether an extension of the right-to-plug to the other housing legislation (LPHA Act, Rent Law, Civil Law) would be reasonable and exploring concrete implementation measures. 

Enabling the cooperation with the biggest housing management companies, service providers and interest groups from both the non-profit and commercial housing industry, thus substantially contributing to the dissemination and scaling of e-charging infrastructure in buildings.

Who are the players?

Limited Profit Housing Associations (LPHA) play a major role in affordable housing provision in Austria with a stock of approx. 1 million housing units (24% of total, which is one of the highest shares in international comparison), of which 1/3 are affordable owner-occupied flats. The federation of LPHA has provided data on those member associations with a focus on housing ownership. All LPHA with a condominium stock of ›5,000 housing units have been addressed and asked for support. 9 out of 15 have provided LOIs. 

For long, commercial housing developers have played a much smaller role in this field, they only caught up since the early 2000s. LOIs from BUWOG (part of German Vonovia Group) and the interest group ÖVI (Austrian Federation of Real Estate Industry) have been acquired.

The following stakeholders have expressed their willingness to cooperate:

The overarching goal is to contribute to climate neutrality by 2040 and the associated decarbonisation of road transport.