Analysis of electricity, heat and gas consumption of Austrian companies to gain insights into the energy consumption

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Project description

Load profile analyses

The analysis and interpretation of load profiles for electricity, heat and gas consumption show deviations and peculiarities in the demand structure. e7 has developed its own tool for this purpose and has carried out demand analyses of over 500 properties and companies in recent years. The analysis tool, in combination with the experience of the e7 experts, makes it possible to identify energy-saving potential and further operational measures required.

Cooperation between e7 and nista

In this cooperation with, e7 supports the analysis and interpretation of load profiles of Austrian companies. The resulting insights into energy consumption are reliably and quickly communicated to the responsible persons of the respective companies via the nista platform in a comprehensible form. They receive information on how they can save energy and money. The nista platform offers the advantage of having an overview of all insights in one place and enabling direct queries to the analysis experts.

The potential savings identified by the analysis are in the range of up to 20% of the energy costs., a TU spin-off, founded to help companies save energy and CO₂ on an ongoing basis using sensor data. With nista, users can reduce their annual energy consumption by up to 20%.
Sensor data for district heating and electricity often remain unused because they are difficult to access, stored in incomprehensible formats with unacceptable Quality. As a result, energy efficiency measures often go undetected. makes sensor data accessible at any time, in a user-friendly way.
With, customers never again have to search for individual experts for various energy use cases. Besides the self-developed AI, which makes the processing of sensor data particularly fast and simple, analyses and measures are delivered with a team of experts, based on comparative values from similar operations. This makes their service offering unique.