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KNOwNEBs - Integration of non-energy benefits into energy audit practices to accelerate the uptake of recommended measures

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Project description

Energy audits have a major impact on energy efficiency investments as they provide tailor-made recommendations and help close the information gap regarding barriers to energy efficiency. However, the current energy audit approach usually only includes the analysis of direct energy cost savings, while non-energy benefits (NEBs) such as improved product quality, space comfort, increased productivity, reduced maintenance-related downtime and other significant benefits are not or hardly considered.
This means that the real value of energy efficiency measures is generally being underestimated in energy audits, as well as by auditors, consulting companies but also by policy makers. The aspect of non-energy benefits and the stakeholders' perception of them is hardly considered in the current approach. Therefore, the focus of energy audits and their presentations is often directed only on energy savings.
The KNOWnNEBs project, aims to calculate and reveal the velue of non-energy benefits and integrate it into energy audit practices. For this purpose, interviews and surveys are conducted with audited companies but the approaches will also be discussed with stakeholders. This will result in defining the relevant additional indicators, which should be taken into account in future audits and thus lead to faster implementation and investment into efficiency measures.