Quality assurance for the implementation of a cross-property and cross-system greening concept for the district “Am Kempelenpark”

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Project partners

  • STC-Swiss Town Consult Development GmbH
  • grünplan GmbH
  • realitylab GmbH
  • Universität für Bodenkultur GRÜNSTATTGRAU Forschungs- und Innovations GmbH

Project description

The project lieBeKlima aims to initiate the implementation of a cross-property and cross-system greening concept for the "Am Kempelenpark" district in Vienna and to bring it to reality with innovative, identity-creating participation processes among the developers and a comprehensive quality assurance process. In this process, concrete and measurable quality goals are defined with the developers for the quality framework provided by the district developer on the topics of greening, water management and plus energy, and broken down to building site level or the necessary infrastructure is divided among the properties.

The close interrelationships between infrastructural green, rain- and greywater management and the local energy concept are worked out and cast into requirements for planning per building site. A quality assurance process for planning, construction and operation is to ensure that the jointly set goals will be realised. The necessary monitoring for this process is defined.

With this kind of participatory coordination between the developers even before the actual planning begins, with the networking of the greening, water and energy systems, as well as the interlocking of the infrastructure of the general neighbourhood with that of the properties, lieBeKlima is breaking new ground in integral planning. The results on the quality assurance process for planning, construction and operation can serve the new specifications for further processes. lieBeKLima is to show that a climate-resilient city with economically justifiable costs is possible through early, partnership-based coordination.

The district "Am Kempelenpark" is creating a new neighbourhood for Favoriten in Vienna. A balanced mix of high-quality and at the same time affordable living space, commerce and social infrastructure is being created on the approximately 48,000 m² former Siemens AG company site. Around 1,100 rental flats and a comprehensive green space concept with 11,500 m² of public parking space, a variety of commercial areas, a primary schools, a nursery school and a local supermarket are planned.