Guidelines enabling renewable energy supply for zero emission road traffic infrastructure

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Project partners

  • eFriends Energy 
  • TU Wien – Energy Economics Group
  • Gutmann
  • RWA Solar Solutions, Xelectrix



Project description

Consumers increasingly want to actively participate in the energy transition. In recent years, a wide variety of concepts for community-like generation and consumption of renewable energy have been established. A platform where consumers and producers can share and trade energy is already offered by the project partner eFriends Energy. In the project Energy Point, the existing platform will be further developed and opened up to all market participants.

  • Energy Point will enable energy communities, whose legal basis was created by the Austrian Renewable Energy Act, to participate as a community on the trading platform and also to deploy it for organising all their internal processes.
  • Energy Point will be also opened up to customers of different energy suppliers and thus enable true "energy sharing" for end-users, going beyond the limits of traditional balance groups.

The role of e7 in this project is to develop a business model for the novel platform and analyse potential routes to implement it within current regulatory boundaries.