Quality assurance of building services engineering for the new building annex of the Döbling Private Hospital in Vienna

Energy Efficiency & Operational Optimization Technisches Monitoring EN Untersuchung der GLT-Einstellungen EN New Construction & Renovation Consulting Zieldefinition für nachhaltige und energieeffiziente Gebäude Monitoringkonzepte Qualitätssicherung Haustechnikplanung Operating Condition Analysis

Project partners

  • Delta Baumanagement
  • Zentraplan
  • PremiaFIT

Project description

The Döbling Private Hospital is currently working on a new building annex in the 19th district of Vienna. Aim of the HVAC planning and thereby related use of energy is not only sustainability, but also an optimized design of the used Technologies. The energy concept of the building annex for the Döbling Private Hospital relies on a combination of reversible heat pump systems with geothermal probes, compression chillers and dry heat rejection. Furthermore, the hot domestic water preparation has to be provided with an appropriate temperature level. For the optimal design of the chosen Technologies not only two operation conditions (winter/summer) were applied, but 25 operation condition divided in summer operation, transition operation and winter operation were analyzed.

Goals of the operation condition analyses

  • Avoidance of over-dimensioned plants
  • Identification of potential plant part-load behavior in an early planning phase
  • Identification of inefficient operation modes
  • Identification of unnecessary plant components for heating and cooling supply
  • Basis for the development of efficient control strategies

Following operation condition were analyzed by e7

  • Free-cooling operation by geothermal probes
  • Energy balance of geothermal probes for heating and cooling
  • Technical integration of a booster heat pump for domestic hot water preparation instead of gas boilers
  • CO2-assessment of the booster heat pump instead of gas boilers as a contribution to decarbonization

A performance verification of the HVAC systems is foreseen by a Technical Monitoring within the commissioning phase and the first year of operation. The Technical Monitoring automatically checks the defined values and operation conditions during the planning phase with actual values and operation conditions. Therefore, the efficiency of the system operation can be evaluated and optimized.  effizienten Anlagenbetrieb zu erreichen.