Support for MA 48 in the context of energy management

Energy Efficiency & Operational Optimization

The central tasks and concerns of MA 48 of the City of Vienna include waste avoidance and waste separation as well as a clean city. MA 48 is one of the largest employers in Vienna and is very aware of its exemplary role with regard to environmental and climate protection. In addition to numerous other certifications, MA 48 has introduced an energy management system and has been certified according to ISO 50001. The goal of this systematic energy management is to continuously increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy and building data collection, management and benchmarking

e7 supports MA 48 in the professionalisation of energy and building data collection and management as well as the development of an internal benchmarking system. The goals of the data collection system were defined in a workshop and object clusters were designed for a total of over 200 locations.

Energy audits and providing guidelines and support tools

The support provided by e7 also focuses on building up internal know-how in carrying out monthly internal energy audits. For this purpose, e7 takes over the implementation of energy audits, which are accompanied by the energy management team.

The audits cover the two large sites of the Simmering waste logistics centre and the Simmering biogas plant of MA 48, using the yessa energy audit software co-developed by e7.

In addition, e7 prepares tools and provides audit guidelines for use by MA 48.