Integration of renewable energies in the energy supply of the St. Josef hospital in 1130 Vienna

New Construction & Renovation Consulting

Project status

project duration: 01/2020 – 03/2020

Project description

In the course of the renovation and expansion measures of the St. Josef Hospital in 1130 Vienna from 2018-2021, the integration of renewable energies (photovoltaics and solar thermal energy) was to be considered. The aim was to cover a part of the energy demand of St. Josef Hospital in the future with renewable energies.

The following activities were part of the feasibility study:

1. Energetic/technical Evaluation

  • Simulation of PV systems variants (Polysun) with monthly evaluation of PV yield, internal consumption and degree of self-sufficiency depending on the installed capacity and investment costs
  • Simulation of solar thermal systems variants (Polysun) with monthly evaluation of solar yield, internal consumption and substitution of gas
  • Description of other necessary measures (integration into the existing heating system)

2. Ecological Assessment

  • Primary energy saving
  • CO2 saving

3. Economic Valuation

  • Investment costs
  • Energy cost savings
  • Static amortisation

4. Recommendations on Implementation

On the basis of the results, the client was put in a position to make further decisions on the integration of renewable energies for the building.