Support in Development of Minimum Energy Performance Requirements for Moldova

Policy Advice & Energy Economics International Projects & Technical Assistance

Project partner

Gregory Retish, Center for Energy Efficiency, Moldova

Project description

Under the frame of the EU4Energy Initiative Moldova endeavours to update its secondary legislation which transposes Directive 2010/31/EU (EPBD) into the national regulatory framework. In this context the project supported the Moldavian Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure in introducing minimum energy performance requirements (MEPS) in line with the EPBD and its cost-optimality principle.

Based on a stakeholder process, minimum energy performance requirements for all Moldavian building categories were defined and respectively updated as well as for the technical building systems, which have been newly introduced in the update of the energy performance calculation methodology, which are ventilation, cooling, lighting, and renewable energy systems.

The result is a set of minimum energy performance requirements suggested to the Moldovan decision makers containing elemental requirements, primary energy requirements covering selected building systems, requirements for cooling need and renewable energy sources as well as technical requirements.