SEFF Scaling Up - Programmatic Sustainable Energy Finance Facility Support Framework: Supporting the Scaling Up of SEFFs

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Projekt partner

  • Capgemini Austria
  • Wunderman PXP
  • Ressolution

Project description

EBRD has defined the strategic goal of increasing the volume of EBRD SEFF business by 50% within 4 – 5 years (SEFF 2020 vision). To achieve this goal SEFF management has initiated various scaling-up activities. These activities refer on the one hand to "business development" like for instance product diversification; on the other hand they aim at harmonisation and optimisation of SEFF-related processes and tasks. By this way, the SEFF 2020 vision is aimed to be achieved with resources input similar to the ones used today.

In this context the programme consists of various sub-projects which support EBRD in developing and implementing optimised organisation and processes including among others marketing, capacity building, IT-landscape, roles & responsibilities, governance. The ongoing and envisaged sub-projects include:

  • Standardisation of existing business processes and tools, and adaptation for use in local markets;
  • E-learning module creation;
  • Best practice guide e-platform;
  • Programme-level SEFFs website design;
  • Production of generic marketing content for local financial institutions and target market clients;
  • SEFFs conference / award ceremony coordination.

e7 leads an international consortium.