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INFINITE: Innovative financing models for sustainable urban energy systems


Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG

Project Partners:

  • Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Forschungsinstitut für Urban Management and Governance
  • Energetic Solutions
  • TINA Vienna GmbH (Energy Center Wien)
  • gbv - Österreichischer Verband gemeinnütziger Bauvereinigungen

Project status:


Project description:

Ongoing urbanisation requires the development of numerous new urban development areas. At the same time more and more cities commit to policy strategies for sustainability and the development towards “smart cities”. One key aspect of a sustainable urban area is a renewable energy supply. Within the frame of the INFINITE-project the characteristics of sustainable urban energy supplies are the application of local supply units, the use of local renewable energy sources and the distribution across buildings. The complexity of such projects and a lack of existing financing models make the realisation of large-scale sustainable urban energy supplies difficult. Without adequate stakeholder processes sustainable energy supply systems, linking several buildings, are not likely to be implemented. Instead, solutions for individual buildings using grid-bound, mostly fossil energy carriers continue to be applied.

The goal of the INFINITE-project is to lay the foundations for a more wide-spread implementation of urban energy supply systems across buildings, using renewable energy sources produced in local supply units. At the same time the projects supports to reduce the demand for fossil fuels and higher-level energy infrastructure. Project financing may be one potential solution for large-scale renewable energy supply projects in urban development areas. Such a financing model requires cooperation among different actor groups, which is not the case to date in Austria. Within the INFINITE-project innovative financing models are elaborated, which promote the implementation of sustainable urban energy systems, or respectively enable such large-scale investments. The outcomes of the INFINITE-project empower other urban development areas in Austria and abroad to promote innovative financing models in a standardised way and at the same time enlarge the range of their services to increase the competitiveness of the stakeholders.


Gerhard Hofer

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