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Development of Sustainable Heat Markets For Biogas Plants In Europe


European Commission - Intelligent Energy Europe

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In many European countries the production and use of biogas is increasingly recognised as a sustainable energy option. Great developments were achieved in several countries for the installation of agricultural biogas plants, most of which produce electricity in CHP plants. However, in many cases the heat from the CHP plant is wasted. This causes macroeconomic and microeconomic losses and challenges in an overall increasing land use competition. The BiogasHeat project addresses the problem of how to efficiently use the heat from biogas plants. Thereby a set of different policy, best practice, field tests and project implementation measures will be developed. New and existing plants in emerging European biogas markets are targeted and concrete solutions to efficiently use the heat will be proposed and demonstrated. The project builds on framework and market analysis on the use of biogas heat, developing promising business models and entrepreneurial strategies for the use and recovery of biogas heat. These models and strategies are field tested in cooperation with relevant key actors, like for examples farmers, biogas operators, municipalities and district heating companies.

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Link to the project website: http://www.biogasheat.org/


Please download our Handbook on Sustainable Heat Use from Biogas Plants in English Language.

Final Report:

Please download the final report of the BiogasHeat project.


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