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Gründerzeit with Future:
Innovative Modernization of Gründerzeit-Buildings
SP6 - Dissemination


bm:vit - Haus der Zukunft

Project partner:

Gemeinschaft Dämmstoff Industrie (Franz Roland Jany, Christa Langheiter)

Project status:


Project description:

The innovative refurbishment of Wilhelminian style „Gründerzeit“ buildings is still seen as difficult to realize. The activities of this project should help to show and inform, how innovative components of refurbishment can be used to overcome obstacles and to consider economic, legal and social parameters.

Dissemination aims are: defining the relevant target groups and broadly distributing the innovative solutions of the flagship project GdZ to the defined target groups. It is of crucial importance to effect a wide awareness level and to make a deep impact on the relevant target groups.

The contents of the project will be distributed by various working packages (see below).

The communication strategy shall follow the AIDA formula: thus, the degree of information and involvement of the relevant target group will grow at each step which ensures that acceptance and engagement of the target groups will become gradually stronger. The activities of distribution are mainly based on the results of the flagship buildings that demonstrate how to implement innovative refurbishment. The respective project partners document results and offer information within “Subproject 5”.

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Walter Hüttler

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