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Spatial Energy Planning: Energy & Spatial Development


Fachverband der Gas- und Wärmeversorgungsunternehmungen – FGW


stadtland - Technisches Büro für Raumplanung und Raumordnung, Landschaftsplanung und Landschaftspflege

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Project description:

Austria's energy strategy, which was presented in spring 2010, included the development of concepts of energy planning as an important measure for achieving energy and climate targets. Within the realms of this strategy, "modern, integrated energy concepts" shall be used for the designation of areas, investment in infrastructure and the allocation of subsidies in in regional planning. Amongst others, the establishment of district heating supply areas and a regional differentiation in the use of energy sources are specifically mentioned. In order to implement these measures, the energy strategy proposes to include the objectives and measures into the Austrian Spatial Development Concept (ÖREK) 2011 which is currently being established by the Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning (ÖROK). The project Energy and Spatial Development thereby constitutes a technical contribution to the energy planning. The focus is on energy supply for space heating and hot water. Additionally, decentralized and centralized heat supply systems are compared on the basis of energy economy and environmental criteria (Fig. 1). Furthermore, the role of energy in the spatial planning in Austria and Switzerland is scrutinized. Based on this analysis, recommendations for energy planning in Austria are formulated.

Figure 1: System comparison: district heating - decentralised heat supply (Source: own calculations done by e7)


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