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Consortium EERE:
Consortium energy-efficiency and renewable energies

Project description:

It is generally agreed upon that there is substantial economic potential for improving en-ergy efficiency in all sectors of energy consumption. This is especially pertinent in the building sector that covers 40% of the energy consumption in Austria.

Offering more and innovative energy services can help the customers gain more know-how in these areas and can also serve to develop new markets. This is the background for the proposed project that aims to develop new provisions and services that improve the efficient use of energy and boost the use of renewable energy sources. This will be carried out in cooperation by several research partners as well as companies from different fields such as energy supply, financing, construction materials und housing. The main focus of the project will be services and provisions concerning the thermal renovation of buildings and the efficient use of energy in private households.

The innovative energy provisions and services will be based on existing services the companies already offer and will be developed further through interdisciplinary cooperation. The new services will be tested in a pilot phase that will last several months, take place in Lower Austria and be evaluated.

These new services will allow the companies to show their clients that they are competent and innovative in this area and improve their position within the respective market.


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