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Promoting the Development of an Energy Efficiency Service (EES) Market

Project description:

The ChangeBest project contributed to the development and implementation of the Directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services (ESD), the main objective of which is to stimulate the market for energy services and the delivery of other energy efficiency improvement measures to final consumers.
Against this background the ChangeBest project tried to understand how and to which extent the EES market could be further developed, which business strategies and promising services are appropriate not only for “advanced” companies but also for “beginners”, what kind of policy framework is suitable to stimulate market development and to overcome existing barriers, and what role energy companies developing towards sustainable ESCOs could play.


The main objectives of ChangeBest were:

  • to assist energy companies and ESCOs in entering the Business to Business and Business to Customer market for EES,
  • to contribute to the development of the EES market as part of the implementation of the ESD,
  • to demonstrate good practice in implementing the ESD.

For the Austrian context e7 supported two energy utilities in developing EES products and to introduce them to the Austrian market.

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