KNOWnNEBs Newsletter No.3: Introducing Our EU-Funded Sister Projects and Latest Developments

KNOWnNEBs project continues to spearhead efforts in driving decarbonization in industrial sectors and SMEs while advocating for clean energy transitions. The 3rd issue is now available, bringing you the latest project updates, industry news, and insights into our collaborative initiatives.

In this third edition of the KNOWnNEBs project newsletter, we introduce our EU-funded sister projects, each committed to advancing sustainability and energy efficiency across Europe. Together with these six innovative initiatives, we aim to push the boundaries of energy efficiency (EE) measures and drive impactful policy reforms.

Highlights from this newsletter include:

  • Preview of our NEBs Assessment Tool: Get a glimpse of our Non-Energy Benefits (NEBs) assessment tool, designed to highlight the broader value of energy efficiency measures beyond direct savings
  • Introduction to EU-Funded Sister Projects: Discover how these projects are tackling the challenge of decarbonization and promoting clean energy transitions. Learn about their unique approaches and the collective goal to drive sustainability and implement effective EE measures
  • Project News and Future Events: Stay updated with the latest developments in our project and mark your calendars for upcoming industry events that you won't want to miss

We encourage you to download and read the full newsletter and explore how these collaborative efforts could benefit your business and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Stay informed and join us on this journey towards a cleaner, more energy-efficient Europe!

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