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Energy Innovations & Demonstration Projects

New paths must be taken to successfully implement the energy transition. This also requires new processes, business models, tools and technologies. Demonstration projects in which we test and evaluate innovations play an important role.
Below you will find an overview of our experience in developing innovations and supporting demo projects:

Creation and planning of energy concepts for buildings and neighbourhoods (also in competition teams) using:

  • Dynamic simulation of energy demand
  • Dynamic simulation of energy and heat supply systems
  • Plus-energy balancing for buildings and neighbourhoods
  • Development of control concepts for energy plants
  • Energy quality assurance in the course of commissioning (technical monitoring)

Development of practical methods, tools and processes:

  • Software for life cycle cost calculation
  • Sustainability assessment tools
  • Tools for energy consumption analyses, load profile analyses
  • Software for energy audits
  • Tools and process for quality assurance of commissioning

Implementation in the realisation of demonstration buildings:

  • Renovation of historic buildings with innovative solutions
  • Renovation of buildings from the 50s to 80s
  • Renovation with green facades
  • Use of e-mobility, PV and storage solutions

Further development of sequential planning in the direction of integral planning

Further development of processes for energy optimization in existing buildings:

  • ReCommissioning
  • Energy Contracting

Solutions for energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources for residential buildings, offices, hospitals, etc.:

  • Reduction of hot water losses through circulation
  • Reduction of return temperatures in the district heating system
  • Evaluation of mechanical aeration and ventilation systems

Evaluation of low tech solutions:

  • Thermal storage mass
  • Component activation
  • Ventilative cooling concepts
  • Passive shading

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