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Search for Planners

We establish a list with specific criteria and all the requirements that are helpful when searching an appropriate planner.

When the design contracts are granted directly, we provide the building owner with possible selection criterions for finding a planner and support the evaluation of submitted expressions of interest.

When the design contracts are granted via PlanungsCompetitione (ArchitekturCompetitione), we get granular on the submitted competition-contributions, especially as far as their potential is concerned; i.e. we test whether and to which extent the preliminarily defined sustainability and efficiency aims can be reached. In doing so, we do both a quantitative calculation (compliance with energy indices like heating demand or primary energy demand) and a qualitative evaluation (compliance with requirements in the building and energy concept, like convenience in use and low energy input in building services).

In an in-depth-analysis, life cycle costs of the competition contributors can be determined.

The assessment is made objectively via calculations and check lists. The preparation of the results for the commission is carried out in an individual, transparent, clearly arranged and value-free way.




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