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Life Cycle Costs

In the early planning phase, the building owner has to make decisions which influence the future operating costs of the building significantly (for instance facade and heat system). In order to identify the most cost-effective alternative in the long run, we offer life cycle cost analysis both before the project even starts and during the planning phase.

Hence, investment costs and follow-up costs like maintenance, repairs, energy consumption costs, overhauling and renovation costs as well as – if desired – disposal costs can be calculated precisely in an early stadium. The scrutiny of various alternatives provides a good overview of the building concept and its costs.

Life cycle cost analysis is not only executed on the component level (single, closed systems) but also displays interactions between the various components. For instance, this means that the variations in energy consumption caused by different façade systems are depicted by type and dimensioning of the heating system.

The life cycle cost analysis is supported by a tool developed by e7 in collaboration with M.O.O.CON.




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