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Energy Consumption Monitoring

Metering energy consumption

Within the planning process, we develop a concept for metering the energy consumption of the respective building on the basis of requirements of the (possible) user. This provides the basis for the planning of building services. Thus it can be ascertained that the necessary hardware for a subsequent resource consumption monitoring is installed in time and hence as cost-effective as possible.


Load curve analysis

In testing and analysing energy consumption data (detailed load curves of the electric power consumption) we are capable of identifying dysfunctions and malfunctions. Hence, we are able to develop measures for a more efficient operation. Carrying out this analysis enables us to detect and implement measures for possible savings.

e7 has already carried out load curve analyses for approximately 200 service buildings.


Consulting for contracting and guarantee models

From the very beginning of contracting in Austria, e7 staff members are familiar with this tool and can evince several years experience concerning the implementation of contracting. Numerous guidelines, informational documents and papers have been published in order to shape the market according to the requirements of our clients. We act as “lawyer” of the user and accompany and advise the client from the inception onwards; our scope is ranging from the drawing-up to the signing of the contract. Moreover, we offer support for supervision and monitoring of the contract.




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