Focus on energy efficiency: reports from the World Sustainable Energy Days in Wels

Our Junior Consultant Ella Jollands recently took part in the World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) in Wels, which offers a comprehensive insight into the world of sustainable energy.

With a different focus each day, ranging from energy efficiency to e-mobility and economic policy, the conference offered a wide range of topics and discussions.

Ella contributed to the Young Energy Researchers Conference by presenting her book chapter entitled "Understanding the Developments in Legislation and Regulations for Disruptive Technologies and Storage in the European Union". It examines the EU's approach to legislation for disruptive technologies such as AI, digital twins and green hydrogen that could potentially have a positive environmental impact. It addressed the question of whether an increase in prosumerism is to be expected or whether a switch to green hydrogen is imminent. Jollands' prediction: We can probably expect an outcome that is a mixture of both alternatives.

We would like to thank the World Sustainable Energy Days for the opportunity to make a contribution and gain important insights into the diverse and exciting developments in the world of sustainable energy.